Manhead Merch is a worldwide, full-service merchandise company, catering to the music and entertainment industry.
Tailored to fit each client’s vision, demographic, and budget. Manhead has an array of traditional and unconventional offerings. Modern production and printing techniques with access to the top as well as socially conscious garment and accessory manufacturers. Manhead will help you construct the ultimate product line.
Manhead provides a full spectrum of touring merchandise services and is designed to support artists in any size venue. Our tour coordinators will make sure you are set up for success when it comes to your merchandise on the road.
With key retail relationships and a proven track record of product placement in all sales channels, Manhead is able to place our artist’s products in low, mid and high level stores and directly into the hands of their fans around the world.
Manhead offers fully customizable and turn-key web stores that are designed around traditional retail strategies and integrated with modern technologies. Manhead uses the latest and best industry practice standards, global distribution, proactive sales and engaging marketing campaigns to move product quickly.
Create unique “Once In A Lifetime” experiences for your audience to enhance fan satisfaction and loyalty. Manhead can help plan your VIP experiences from start to finish.
Experiential Services
Our Los Angeles space is now available for your next merchandise pop-up shop, album release event and more. The space is fully customizable with over 1,300 square feet of prime storefront retail space on Melrose Ave. To start planning your next event please email