Manhead Merch is a worldwide, full service, merchandise and experiential company catering to the music and entertainment industries. For over thirteen years Manhead has succeeded as one of the leading, independently owned music/entertainment merchandise companies, specializing in touring, e-commerce, creative, retail, licensing, collaborations, and pop-up shops.
Priding itself in offering superior design capabilities with uncompromised boutique-level service, Manhead was founded in New York in 2007. Through its unparalleled success, the company later expanded to include offices in Nashville and Los Angeles, accompanied by warehouses in Nashville, London, and Australia. Further, Manhead's team of skilled and passionate employees has increased to almost thirty people throughout the years as the company has grown.
Founder & CEO
Chris Cornell got his start in the merch business nearly by accident in the mid-90s. He was in a band on the road touring for years and through trials, errors, and selling a lot of shirts on the road, he learned the ropes of the business. Over time his business grew and calls came in from bigger bands. Bad Religion was one of those early bands and Chris sold their merch on tour, built and managed their online store, and even fulfilled their online orders from his basement.

Chris received a call from Ryan Gentles, the booking agent for Mercury Lounge in New York, to tell him about a new band he was managing. Ryan said the band was going to be massive and played Chris some of their unreleased songs while asking Chris to print fifty shirts. Chris stood by his minimum of one hundred and forty four shirts. That band was The Strokes and became very popular very quickly, while pushing Chris’ business forward.

Chris went on to work for a few merchandise companies running tour departments and signing bands to merch deals. After some time with those companies and the experience under his belt he decided it was time to launch Manhead. The earlier days of the company in 2007 and on consisted of gaining clients such as Interpol, Shinedown, Something Corporate, The All-American Rejects, Paramore, and more. Fast forward to 2020 and Manhead has expanded to having offices in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles accompanied by warehouses in Nashville and London. The company is full service handling merchandise needs from start to finish with a team of almost thirty employees. Manhead’s impressive and ever growing roster contains the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Machine Gun Kelly, and more across all genres of music.