Sidestep Included in Startups Launched at SMASHD LABS Demo Day

Troy Carter's SMASHD LABS had its Demo Day in LA last week and Sidestep was one of the startups presents. We are pumped for Sidestep as Manhead helped them launch. We are happy to be apart of an app that changes how fans buy merch, making it easier than ever to get their favorite shirts right away at the shows they go to. To learn more about Sidestep, visit their website

Below is an excerpt from TechCrunch's article on all the startups presented last week. 

Sidestep is a tool to allow concert attendees to pre-order merchandise before, during, or after a live event.

Eric Jones, the company’s CEO, explained that recent declines in record sale revenue means that artists are now focusing more on making money from live events.

However, the act of standing in line and purchasing merchandise at an event hasn’t changed in over 50 years.

Sidestep’s platform allows users to purchase merchandise via a mobile app, and “sidestep” the checkout line to instantly pick up their gear from a separate, VIP area.

The company said that bands using their platform are already experiencing a nightly sales bump of more than 15 percent.

To read the full article, find it here.