"5 Powerful Reasons Why Working Out Makes You a Better Leader"


Our very own Chris Cornell spoke with on the correlation between working out and being a better leader. In case you were thinking of skipping the gym today and need a little motivation take a look at what he said below.

1. It gives you better perspective.

"Working out can stop burnout or fatigue from influencing your decisions," he says. "When you're a business owner, you rarely shut off completely. Whether you are checking emails at midnight, or having calls with clients on weekends, there simply isn't much time to clear your head." 

Being that available is good for your business, but not necessarily for your judgment or creativity. "Sometimes it takes stepping away from something to get the best possible result," Cornell says. Surfing gives him the chance to clear his head and get a little precious time away from work, he says. "Working out serves as a life balance and centering point for me."

To read the full list of reasons, read the article here.