NEWS: Fall Out Boy’s NYC Pop-Up Shop

Check out the pop-up shop we did for Fall Out Boy in New York City, stocked with merch not available anywhere else. We had so much fun doing it, we did it again in Chicago later that week!



“Manhead took us from old-fashioned to new fashion. They quadrupled our sales. That’s Train fan positive feedback. It's nice to have people who care about our merch.” Pat Monahan, Train



Matt and Kim

“Service with a smile. That slogan was invented for Manhead. They’re organized, communicative, forever helpful and have immediate follow-through. Love them.” Kevin Patrick, Manager, Matt and Kim


The Civil Wars

“Manhead brought clarity to our situation. They shed light on our needs for the present and future, and they had the follow-through to make our plans happen.” Travis Yetton, Manager, The Civil Wars